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Some links:



Epanorama – Tons of resources, I get most of my info here

Microchip – Self explanatory, PIC’s and tools

Chipcenter – Data on virtually any I.C. you can name


Radio control:

E-zone – The premier electric flying site as far as I’m concerned

Brents RC electronics page – Lots of stuff here

SAAMA – Web page for the South African Aeromodelling Association

The Model airplane ring – Lots more sites here


Some friends of mine:

Allard Walker – Mostly about his electric extra 300, Take note that the power combo on the plane has eaten 3 pinions to date!


General download sites:

Tucows – Downloads for everyone here, shareware, freeware etc.

Cnet – Utilities, tools etc.



Good opportunities:

Gold club – The site explains much better than I ever can!


Should you find any broken links or any other problems feel free to contact me @

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