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My Planes

Here are some pictures of my personal electric planes, They are in thumbnail format so the page loads a bit quicker, click on the thumbnail to get a big picture.

This is my version of Al Eastmanís AMP jr, It flew well on a hot buggy motor with a homebuilt belt drive. Later on I got my grubby little paws on an Astro 05 G that made it fly better. Both motor combinations used 8 Sanyo 1700mA packs with a homebuilt 35A ESC. Good allround aerobat on this setup works even better on ten cells, my BEC couldnít handle that very well though!

My version of the Jaws2 that came as a pullout plan from a magazine, I canít recall which one. Power is two Speed 400ís on 7 or 8 1700mA cells. I modified the nose slightly to make it look prettier, and to accommodate the subC cell battery packs. Came out slightly overweight at 1.1KG, but truly AWESOME perfomer. This must be on of the most fun planes I have flown all my life!

Also a pullout plan from a Magazine, there were two versions, I built the Wight wizard. Original power was intended to be a 25 slimer, I built it light, and made it fly with the Astro and 8 cells. Just as awesome a perfomer on that combo. I am currently experimenting with a direct drive drill motor on 8 to ten cells, so far it looks promising.

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